Anywhere access and collaboration

Take collaboration to new levels with seamless review on mobile devices. Daegis provides instant access to Daegis Edge, our hosted end-to-end eDiscovery software platform, from iPad and Android tablet devices. Instantly access documents and monitor review status from anywhere, with the familiarity and simplicity of your mobile device. All you need is an internet connection to review and collaborate on projects anytime, anywhere.

Discover truly portable review:

  • Daegis Edge Goes Anywhere You Go

    Daegis Edge Goes Anywhere You Go

    Full functionality. Conduct document review, markup and redaction, as well as admin functions—anything you’d be doing at your desk.

  • Unlimited users. No restrictions on concurrent or licensed mobile users.
  • Exceptional security. Daegis Mobile access via the downloadable Citrix app enables better security than alternative apps.
  • Updates in real time. Your work is immediately updated in Daegis Edge for maximum productivity.
  • Monitor projects anywhere. Keep tabs on your review while away from the office. Supervise technology assisted review progress via Acumen’s innovative dashboard.