Information Governance

AXS-One does more than fulfill a compliance function — it archives and secures all of your critical information.

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As data volumes grow the importance of leveraging that data becomes critical to your business.  How quickly your organization can analyze, react, and make informed business decisions with that information can greatly improve profitability.  To do that your data needs to be secure, organized, and accessible to those who need it.  Fast.

Daegis AXS-One is a leading information governance platform that empowers Legal, IT, and the end-user behind a single solution and allows you to manage your entire electronic footprint.   All while reducing cost, time, and giving you the capabilities to proactively respond to a growing list of compliance requirements.

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Our Difference
  • Industry leading end-to-end solution that combines archive and eDiscovery into a single solution.
  • Retain your entire electronic foot print including email, file system documents, instant messages, social media, voice and video, transactions and reports, SharePoint and SAP.
  • Search capabilities that give you access to the right data at the right time.
  • Your data your way.  On-premises or in the cloud.